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Directory of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows

Online Directory
This is the searchable online database companion to the Directory of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows.
The Profiles section of the Directory lists career and study details for almost 7,000 of our alumni. These can be searched by a combination of personal, award and/or occupational data. Search results are returned as a list, which can then be drilled down to provide an individual’s details, including job title and employment history. Over 2,400 of these profiles are new or have been updated for individuals who submitted their details prior to July 2016.

The Register section of the Directory (which has been updated for the online version) contains the names, countries of origin and study, and years of award of over 34,000 individuals to have held awards under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan since its inception in 1959. This section is also searchable and can be used to generate lists by any combination of country, year and name. Lists indicate whether an individual has a 2009 profile (searchable online or available in the PDF version) or a new profile (searchable online only).


The Directory will next be updated in late 2017. If you would like to advise us of any changes to your details, or you would like your profile removed, please contact the CSC Alumni Team at alumni@cscuk.org.uk - please include your full name (and your surname during your award, if it has changed since).

If your profile does not appear in the Directory, please visit: Membership to download an alumni registration form.

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